Youth Restoration Project

The Youth Restoration Project is a youth employment program that provides youth ages 18-24 the opportunity to learn hard and soft skills (keeping a work schedule, communication, task discipline, etc.) that will contribute to success in the workplace. In addition to on-the-job training, we provide support and resources to help youth achieve their educational goals. While holding a full-time job with Goodwill®, individuals continue to receive assistance in obtaining a GED, getting into college, or providing a professional path.

Goodwill®’s youth are resurrecting some of the generously donated furniture by rebuilding, repurposing and restoring them to become “new-to-you.” Furniture from the Youth Restoration Project are resold at Goodwill® thrift stores and this revenue helps fund the program and other workforce development services Goodwill® offers. The program also gives furniture that would have gone into our landfills a second life, keeping 4,000 pounds out of the landfill each month!

Youth Restoration Program

Program Goals

Hard Skills

    • Basic tool knowledge (miter saw, table saw, router, planer, joiner, skill saw, jig saw).
    • Basic wood working skills, from sanding to learning how to join different species of wood.
    • Basic Maintenance and Repair skills, HVAC, Sign Install, Equipment Repair
    • Bicycle recycling, repair.
    • Assembly of Pink Tag items from the easiest coffee tables to complicated treadmills.
    • Pricing of items to sell in a retail setting based on materials used and labor cost.
    • Keeping track of supplies and a monthly budget.
    • Learning how to maintain safety at all times in a working shop.

Soft Skills

    • Learning how to show up to work on time and being productive.
    • Learning to compartmentalize disappointments so work is not affected.
    • Taking responsibility for self-improvement in order to reach next level of employment or education.
    • Teamwork
    • Setting of long-term and short-term goals.
    • Effective communication
    • Problem solving



    • GED preparation and eventual passing of state test.
    • Career and educational plans and pathways through EAP and AZCIS.
    • Resume preparation
    • Financial counseling, including how to set up a checking and savings account and learning how to navigate the world of credit and other types of money borrowing; this also includes counseling on how to save 6-months’ worth of pay in case of job loss.
    • Help with navigation of health services, from getting health insurance through Goodwill or through the state.
    • Mental health services
    • Parenting services
    • College preparedness, from applying to school to navigating FAFSA; support during enrollment in college.
    • Tutoring of any kind.
    • Driver’s Education with eventual attainment of AZ driver’s license through use of company vehicles.
    • Certifications: OSHA 10-Hour Safety Class and CPR/First Aide.
    • Support after graduation from program.  Manager maintains contact with youth after they leave to help with career/school decisions.

To become a Youth Restoration Associate, you must:

      • Be 18-24 years old
      • Be out-of-school (as this is a full-time job)
      • Fill out an online application. See available job postings on Career page
      • Attend an interview
      • Agree to have a background check performed

Available Youth Restoration Associate positions are posted on the Careers: Current Openings page.