Sergio – Metro Rec Youth Centers

Sergio first connected with our Goodwill Metro/REC Youth Re-Engagement Centers through a referral from a community partner. At the time he was receiving housing support from our partner and was looking to gain employment experience for the first time.

Alex – Goodwill Youth Programs

Alex has been working with Goodwill for over 3 years on and off now. Initially starting out with our Youth Restoration Project, he was introduced to soft skills, professionalism, workplace expectations along with basic maintenance and handyman skills.

Kaiden – GoodFutures Youth Program

Kaiden started in our GoodFutures Program and with support from our youth staff, he took it from there. Through his hard work and commitment, earned certification in Advanced Aviation Technology and put it to good work.

Derek – Employee Development Program

Goodwill helped Derek find a career path while he worked in our Sierra Vista Store. Our Goodwill Employee Development Program helped connect him to education and a certification. Today he is working at Central Arizona Block Company as a welder. Congrats Derek, you make us proud.

Metro Youth-The Lives You’ve Changed!

The METRO Goodwill® Youth Program serves youth and young adults ages 16-24 years seeking employment and education in the community. We assist them with their goals, connect them to resources, provide career pathways, and give a sense of purpose for the future.

Fidelis Goodwill Adult ReEntry Program

Fidelis’ integrity shines through in his performance. He wants to work and he wants to work hard. Since enrolling in Goodwill Adult Re-Entry we have also known him to volunteer his time with another non-profit. Fidelis also makes it a point to distribute food to people who are experiencing homelessness that he sees on his way home from work

Athiana GoodFutures Youth Program

When Athiana Lerma came to Goodwill she needed someone to help her find some traction and a plan for the future. She started with GoodFutures as a high school dropout with limited options. She lacked confidence in herself and felt the system owed her. The Goodwill staff, helped Athiana begin looking at her situation differently.
Anisia, Metro Youth

Anisia Metro Youth Program

At 13, Anisia was hanging out with older people on the streets. While she did some things she wasn’t supposed to, she ultimately learned that it wasn’t going to get her anywhere. “I believe I was meant to have a baby at a young age. God just wanted me to grow up fast and realize the world. I think everything is a lesson…Lesson learned.”