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When You Shop at Goodwill…

YOU SUPPORT Our mission to provide jobs and training for people to gain skills and achieve independence.

YOUR PURCHASES directly fund our 12 local youth and adult programs in Southern Arizona.

YOU KEEP IT GREEN by helping us reuse and recycle gently new items, and keeping over 35 million lbs out of the landfill annually!

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Goodwill and Pima Fashion – CurioCity Upcycled Fashion Project

Upcycling can be defined as the process of altering existing clothing to give it new life as a new piece. For Elizabeth, the environmental impact is important. “I think upcycling is important because there is already so much fabric in the world. It’s a good way to try and use what’s already out there to try and keep it from the landfill.”

In addition to supporting your community, shopping with Goodwill is the GREEN thing to do. In the past year, we were able to divert over 30 million pounds from going into our local landfills. Every pair of jeans you buy or donate at Goodwill helps conserve around 1,800 gallons of water. Imagine the impact shopping and donating at our thrift stores can have over your lifetime. Not many people realize it but Goodwill is the largest non-governmental recycler in the world. Learn more about how we help our communities recycle HERE. Learn more about why Thrift shopping matters on our podcast with Mrs. Green’s World.