Thrift store Recycles

With Goodwill, every donation is a way to give back to the community & recycle. It’s never been so easy, to do a little good. Southern Arizona is growing it’s passion for the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle culture. When you donate and/or shop with Goodwill®, you can share those practices and values too! Did you know it takes over 1,800 gallons of water to create one pair of jeans. Now just imagine the impact your shopping and donation behaviors have on the environment. Help slow the cycle of waste, shop and live more sustainable with Goodwill.

33.5 million pounds in 2020/2021!

  • By donating a gently used item instead of throwing it away, you keep them out of Southern Arizona’s landfills!
  • By shopping at Goodwill®, you can give an item a second (or third) life!

We did it, we reached our goal to keep over 35 million pounds of donations from going into Southern Arizona’s local landfills. We could not have done that without your support. The previous year we were able to divert over 33.5 million pounds and now 35. With your continued generosity, we can keep that number growing every year.

As a nonprofit, Goodwill® takes multiple steps to ensure that we can gain the maximum value for goods that are sold and donated to our organization. These steps help us operate efficiently and account for the sales that fund programs that help people stay employed and supported.

In the end, your donation to Goodwill® is not only a way to recycle and live sustainably, Goodwill®’s job training and placement programs yield social and economic benefits as well. With the continued depletion of raw natural resources used to make new consumer goods, Goodwill® and other social enterprises that enable reusing, recycling, and re-purposing will play an increasingly important role in the environment. Ongoing partnerships, programs and services reflect the beneficial role in Goodwill®’s landfill waste reduction.